Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My roomate's name is Annabelle. When I first set eyes on her I realized that our relationship would work out becuase she was eating a mosquito. Yeah that's right, she's gecko, and a sexy one at that. She ate some flys an then tried to sell me car insurance.
She seems to like the room as much as I do. I have my own bathroom with a shower, dresser, desk, the room is bigger than any room I have had before AND it comes with a mosquito net (Annabelle has to watch her girlish figure and therefore can't eat all of the mosquitoes).
The first night we got there it was 2 am. So we went right to bed. I fell asleep at around 3 45, just in time to hear the Mosque say their prayers over a loudspeaker right next door to me. That was frightening. At this point, I almost find it soothing.
So I woke up again at around 10 am and Melissa was already awake. We weren't sure where Blair was, the options were either kidnapped, still asleep, or eaten by a snake. So, not wanting to disturb any of those three things, Melissa and I went to go for a walk to the shore which lies just at the bottom of the hill, below the provincial.

What a mistake that was.

To get there one must walk through the fishing village. It involves maneuvering in sewage and practically in people's homes. Everyone stared at us. On man jumped in front of me asking where I was going. "To the Johnsons for some brunch. Sure we've had our differnces but oh man, his wife's cooking is so good I'll keep coming back." Where did he think? I just walked around him, ready to kick some Sri Lankan ass (Sri Lankans don't have a martial art like other Asian countries, so I don't really fear them).
We reached the sewage delta known as the harbor and we headed back to school, but not the way we came. I thought I saw a path leading up the hill to the school so we headed for that. When we got the bottom of it there was a puddle of neon green sewage. My first inclination was that it was the ooze which gave the ninja turtles their power, but then i realized taht it was probably anti freeze, if I was lucky. I took one step in and then realized that four snaked swam further into the sesspool. "What was that?" Melissa asked. "Uhhh, I'll tell you when we get out."
I wasnt too sure if we would, but we did.

Turns out that Blair was sleeping. She was awake and wanted to go for a walk. "Wanna go to the beach?"
Hell no.
"Yeah sure!"
Melissa said she would just watch from above. Nothing too exciting happened this time, although I was almost attacked by a wild pack of family dogs.

Then there is teaching. It's harder work than ever before.

Before we began we waited in the computer lab. Someone knocked on the door. Upon opening it a tiny Sri Lankan man screamed "Bonjour!!!" Oh Bro. Augustine, how glad I was to see him. He was giggly and himself and I was glad. I was afraid that he would be angry because I never wrote him. He looked at me and said, "Sorry I never wrote, I just forgot." It was then that I remembered why we got along. "It's fine" I said.
He loved the C.D.'s and I imagine him singing the words alone in his room at night.

At tea time today Bro. Vernon asked me what I thought of my neighbor in the provincial. I realized that it was a joke since he was sitting right nedt to me. Bro Benjamin (or as I refer to him, "Easy Rider" since he drives a motorcycle) is another giggly man who seems like he is high. I love him. I looked at him and said "Oh he's a good neighbor so far." He started to crack up and then forcing away the laughter he said, "Most of the time I'm half naked!!!"

It's true, too.

When I got back from school Easy Rider's door was open. The tv was on and there was a huge picutre of Jesus on the wall. Behind the desk all I found was an upright newspaper. "Hey Brother, how are you?" He lowered the newspaper revealing the shirtless Sri Lankan behind it. "Oh fine fine!"


At 8:09 AM, Blogger Jo said...

geckos are fun! will you bring annabelle home to meet us? ie, meet me, which means to be my pet who will live in my pocket and listen to me all the time and never run away except for sometimes when she wants to find bugs but then she comes back when i use a magic whistle to summon her?


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