Monday, June 26, 2006

I first gained interest in Sri Lanka in the 9th grade. Bro. Lawrence, in an effort to help us remember all the nations of Asia, said, "Think of India as an elephant" and we all saw the resemblence. "Now think of Sri Lanka as the snot flying out of that elephant's nose."
"Wow" I thought, "A nation of snot!"
So needless to say (but I'll say it anyway) when I was asked if I wanted to go teach in Sri Lanka all I could think was, "How could I pass up the opportunity to teach in the snot of India?" Well, there isn't really too much snot here, although today my students laughed at me when I said "God bless you." "What's funny?" Then I realized that to them, those words are a way of greeting each other. It's a Catholic school and I still haven't gotten over hearing that all the time.
Then we couldn't help but to fell snotting when we said "Where is our driver?" twice in one day. We have a driver that comes to drive us to and from school, and today he was late, and then he never showed up. We found our way, however.
Bro. Lawrence had another analogy, "...or it can be the tear coming from the elephant." Well, I haven't really seen too many Sri Lankan's cry, but I have seen a lot of smiles.
So really, I just felt like writing about snot and tears.


At 7:15 AM, Blogger adamthewiz said...

Hullllllllooooo Michael! Well, I can't help it, but the jealousy is raging in me. Right now, in lovely oAmerica it is raining and raining buckets and buckets and I am sure it is hot and sticky there- Oh i remember what it was like to be hot and sticky- so long ago. Anyways- no painting on rainy days so i found your blog and read it all. Damn Killa this should be a book. Really. Very nice. So I've been getting into Slayer a lot lately. If you can- visit - their new song iso kick ass. Teach those Abba / Eagles loving Lankans all about the lovely metal stylings of long haired white people. They will eat it up, I'm sure. Im glad to hear that things are ging well- I am very glad to hear you aren't taking any shit from those Trishawteers. Don't be afraid to be like Patrick and toss one off a bridge.
Have you seen DrZ or Sharon? Tell them HOWDY! good ole American style for me.
Hope your mouth is a volcano and your clothes are drenched in sweat.

Adam The Wiz


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