Saturday, July 01, 2006

It was 8:30 in the AM and Melissa, Blair, and myself were not looking forward to our Saturday of teaching. We were to go to St. Bens and then to another LaSallian school right after. Bro. Augustine appeared in the kitchen 15 minutes early.
"I am to come pick you up but I decided I come early." We were pleased to see him. "Today you were to go to Boys Town but Bro. Granville has a meeting and cannot bring you, so I called my sister and we shall go to my place, is that okay?"
"Oh yeah, that sounds great" we said.
So we taught grades 6 and 7 for 2 hours, then at around 1 oclock we left. Along the way we stopped for some Greek food where Bro. Augustine confessed that he hates Sri Lankan food. Then we continued down the same road for about an hour until we reached his home. His sister stood outside to greet us. After we used the bathroom and ate some fruits, Brother took us out to see the river which lead into the ocean. He wanted us to travel across it by a canoe but the owner of the canoe had stopped for the day. "Perhaps another time, then" he said, which I took as a compliment since it was his way of asking us back to his sisters house.

We returned to the house and sat outside. Bro. Augustine was buisy about getting some drinks and chips and such. Eventually he came and sat down, he poured us all a little bit of Arrak, a double distilled Sri Lankan coconut drink. "First you must try the first one, and then the second, straight, with nothing in it, then you tell which vone you like best." We all drank it, then we took some of the other. "Now that you know which one you like better, you help yourself."

His siter brought out some more food, the bugs died down along with the sun, and so we remained on his property being held close together so that we could all use the outdoor lightbulb. We ate great food, rice, fresh juicy tomatoes, fish, drank some great Arrak, and sang songs in Sinhila, Spanish, and French. In the corner of my eye I saw the outdoor faucet, which was used for washing ones hands after outdoor meals, dripping, revealing a florescent pearl of water which created a soothing rhythm that could be heard between laughter, conversation, and song. Above us one could see that the earth had been partially blocking the sun from reaching the moon, and many would have to argue whether it was this astronomical chore or our jovial conversation which made the moon smile down on us.


At 10:28 AM, Blogger Dr. Peter McCarthy said...

Hey Mike,

Really enjoy your Blog. You can turn it into a novel when you return. In the meantime why don't you post some pictures so that we can see the sights. Be well and be safe.


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